The Plain White Tee

The Plain White Tee is creating a new space for itself on the web. While it started as just a newsletter, its SS18 debut holds something a bit more streamlined and, in a sense, grown up into an established platform. This platform will provide the everyday woman the resources to feel stylish and beautiful in a way that’s accessible and practical.




Goals for this project


Refine the visual message:

• More polish without losing the relatable feel.

• Create a digital aesthetic that matchers her feminine style. 

• Provide a clearer and consistent brand language online.

Create Engagement:

• Design an experience that eliminates the digital distance between influencer and user.

• Offer a broader range of experiences online.

• Increase subscriber count.



Logos v1.

Logos v1.


Mood Board.

Mood Board.


Brand Book.

Brand Book.


website coming soon